About The Artist
I was born and educated in Syria ,then moved to Egypt and later to Dubai for work...and now, since 2008 I have resided in Toronto. 
During all these years I was always fond of painting, I studied Art and have participated in a several art exhibitions in Middle East , Europe ,Canada and USA.

Award winning of "Sandro Botticelli Prize" @ Biennale of Palermo & The Int. Art  Exhibition,Forence Italy.          



"As she opens a poignantly emotional dialog of longing, sorrow, and hope,
Syrian-Canadian artist LinaFaroussi brings forth reflections of reality in paint.
Throughout these expressively abstracted works the figure becomes a powerful symbol of the struggles of humanity and a yearning for peace, dynamically portrayed in a vibrant dance of color and motion as faces and forms are repeated in layers of transparency.
A spiritual vitality emerges within Faroussi’s art, creating universal connections spanning cultural divides as she discovers a passionate journey of the soul in the soft immediacy of her mark. 
Faroussi builds her paintings in acrylic on canvas, occasionally adding elements of mixed media and sand to add to the tactile sensation of her works.
Born and educated in Syria, Lina Faroussi grew up surrounded by political turmoil, including the imprisonment of her father, and has deeply felt the impact of watching her homeland torn apart by the recent war. After spending time in both Egypt and Dubai,
the artist now lives in Toronto, Canada, and exhibits in numerous group and solo shows throughout the Middle East ,Europe,Canada and USA". (Agora Gallery,NYC)
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