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Peeling Layers

In this series ‘Peeling Layers’ I am digging deep inside my memories, recalling images of a homeland left behind. It’s not nostalgia, homesickness or refusal to move on, but rather holding on to what remains of my old self that evolved in the shuffle of a new life, a new homeland.

They say “you have to know your past to understand the present”, I know my past, but my memories are fading and replaced by newly created ones; therefore, I need to peel the layers, I need to rescue my roots. Throughout the years we learn how to come around, to fit in and like fish migrating from ocean to fresh water, we learn to adapt and change our ways of life. But as I’m peeling the layers, a vortex of memories crowds my realm, and I see blue, my Mediterranean blue, the only thing clear in my mind, and I wonder can we really completely adapt?

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