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Point of View - 2023

A Way To Connect

In a world where the wheel of life never stops, where we are bound to the constant demands of daily routines comes a time when we need to recharge in order to continue. Day in and day out, we work, build careers and families, and get lost in the shuffle of responsibilities and duties. And so, we lose sight of what’s important, and we follow the same patterns in a circle of monotony. In this life, our visions get blurred and we forget our dreams and the quality of a life with so much potential.

I learned through traveling and living in different cultures that the solution always lies within, but we need to be able to see it without all the distractions. We need to recharge our energies, and our emotions so we can carry on.

In my painting “ A Way To Connect”, I was inspired by Marc Chagall’s ‘Flying Lovers’, I always thought of the freedom with which they float in the sky, and even though Chagall’s ‘Lovers’ had no destination or purpose, I always knew where I’m headed, I knew my purpose, I fly with intentions. I need to disconnect in order to reconnect again with a clearer mindset and vision.

Dotted Line:

There's something magical about connecting the dots.

It's like you're creating your own path, your own roads, and gates, it’s become a part of you, part of your journey and it's all so perfectly imperfect.

Whichever approach or path you choose, remember that it's all about connecting the dots.

We just need to keep our eyes peeled, our minds open, and trust our gut, and we'll start to see the dotted lines that connect all the pieces of our lives together.

A New Beginnings

At some point in our life, we are forced to leave our comfort zone, our safe space in search of new beginnings.

Early on, we are eager to start our series of firsts, the first day of college, first job, first apartment, and the first of many to come.

Later in life, we sometimes find ourselves, again, in a place where we need to reset and start all over. But with every step, there are always decisions to be made, obstacles to be crossed, and fears to be conquered.

We learn to adapt, create new patterns, and adopt certain rituals that will set our path where we want it to be.

We find strength from within, from loved ones, friendships, or total strangers that open our eyes to new possibilities in life.

It's true, that we don't choose to be born, but the choice of how we live is our own, and so we create our own safe zone, our own rituals, and patterns of life. We surround ourselves with what matters the most and welcome with a smile what is yet to come.

A Way To Connect
Acrylic & Mixed Media On Canvas
40"x60" (inch)


Dotted Line
Acrylic & Mixed Media On Canvas
30"x36" (inch)

A New Beginning
Acrylic & Mixed Media On Canvas
36"x30" (inch)


Acrylic & Mixed Media On Canvas
24"x24" (inch)